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On being told no...

I grew up watching Rocky movies and riding that same El Train through some of the toughest parts of Philly. That said, I am OK with being a little fighter--an underdog, a scrappy little thing-- and let me tell you about a recent victory. As some of you know, I self-published American Boys after years and years of rejection and close-deals with publishers. Today I made my first appearance in a book section of a newspaper, a spot usually closed off to self-published books. See the UT San Diego Q&A here. That I made the Sunday paper is just fantastic.

That said, I am going to start a weekly practice tomorrow with what I will call Long-shot Mondays. I am going to try to get my book out there no matter what and no matter how many times I am told no. I spent a lot of time and money ensuring American Boys would be able to compete in the book market and i, backed by a small following of readers, am feeling confident today. So cheers for small victories!

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