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Greetings! I hope everybody is having a safe and fun summer. My children and I just returned from a whirlwind trip back east (Philly native here) and are back in Califiornia, getting ready to start a new school year. I have a few updates for you, along with a call to action.

First, if you know anybody who will be at the American Legion's national conference later this month please pass this along. Click here to see the excellent resolution to be presented, asking for the group's support in adding the 74 names to the Vietnam Wall. Last year the National Veterans of Foreign Wars passed a similar resolution after rejecting it in years prior. I consider myself blessed to know the crew of the USS Frank E. Evans who worked to see this through. They are an inspiration.

Also, the news from lawmakers has been zilch. The Evans families have some supporters in Washington and that list keeps growing every year--but things are moving too slowly. I urge you to contact your lawmakers. We need their support. I know for a fact that American Boys has been helping things along in that regard. I've sent out books before and you are welcome to also. This something I like to call Operation Squeaky Wheel. The more the merrier.

On that note, the cover of American Boys got a slight makeover this summer-- newer cover should be available in the next two weeks. I was able to list my awards and put a sticker on the cover! The bad news is Barnes and Noble is not going to stock the book in stores--my low sales are the reason.

The good news is I don't give up.

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